About Fragmented Thought

Got a problem? An idea? Perhaps just a pipe dream? Perfect.

That's what I do. I'm not just a solution provider. Looking only forward does yield results, but it's hard to know the cost of what you might miss out on. The absolute best projects to come across my desk over the years were nothing but ideas. Working with clients shouldn't be about taking them in, only to turn out a quick solution and walk away. There is a market for that sort of interaction, it's called a "template." And no matter how you try, they just don't evolve with your needs, because they were never really meant for you.

Fragmented Thought is a perfect example of that very idea. Initially, this was meant only to be a portfolio site. I quickly realized that everyone, myself included, needed it to do more. An entire website in your portfolio is quite handy, because it's visual, much easier to understand and carries nice graphics. The actual solutions developed for those sites aren't "just handy". They are a gold mine. Everything in the world breaks down into the smaller pieces. The more you understand those pieces, and develop them, the better all of your solutions become. Thus the notion of code fragments came around here. A resource that started for myself, but seems everyone could benefit from.

Looking for more than a quick answer? Try contacting me. I play to my strengths, most of which involve developing not just solutions, but full analysis of everything you could need. I look deeper than the initial requests, every time. Clients putting thier trust in me deserve a developer who understands where you are coming from, and what you hope to do. Maybe now isn't the best time to build the perfect system. There's always a balance to strike between urgency, cost, and features. But you deserve the choice of what you want to do, with all your options in front of you.