Sample NPM package.json for Drupal

I've recently started to dump build tools. The abstractions just aren't needed, and add complexity in some cases. To that end, I'm nearly doing all my asset management in package.json with NPM scripts. For existing sites I'm maintaining, I can use this as a simple drop in to help get started. It may require a little modification site to site, depending on if you need to ignore certain themes, or modules. But, I think the base package here is clear enough you'll be able to replicate the pieces required.

Using HTML 5 Inputs in Drupal 7 Through Theming

I'm putting together a feedback form for a client today in Drupal. I've been experimenting with ways to improve the form's efficiency, just general UX. One of the sticking points for me was the complete lack of simple support for HTML 5 input types in Drupal 7. Thankfully this is fixed in Drupal 8. But for those of us needing to work today, here's an easy solution.


Writing CSV Files Using Drupal

I'm leaving this one here, mostly as a note for myself. I've found too often that samples on the web, and indeed in existing code I inherit are chalked full of 'doing it the hard way' and memory leaks. This is the simplest and cleanest method for handling streaming large amounts of data out to a csv.


Drupal 7 Services List and Entity Reference Field Issues

I've been working on an angularjs project that features a Drupal services backend. As I'm new to angular (or was), I thought I had to have been doing something wrong posting data back to Drupal to save my user accounts. The response from the services backend would be a 406, with the messages:

406 (Not Acceptable : An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.)



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