Creating "Next" and "Previous" Links on Node Views To Related Content Based on A View

The client wanted a node type that is listed by a view, taking you a detailed view of the node. That node includes links to the ‘previous’ and ‘next’. Those are quoted because it’s not absolute ordering. The view itself defines 3 exposed filters that must be carried into the chain of next and previous.


Drupal 6 Bulk Redirecting Urls

Trying to do bulk redirection through the path_redirect (D6) or redirect (D7) admin is... painful. You need to enter them one at a time. Staring down a list of a couple hundred can take a full day away from you. This handy function can be run through a drush script to redirect an array of paths anywhere you like in seconds.


Affecting The Vary Header in Drupal 7 Cached Pages

I came up against a situation I imagine is not very unique, but is very frustrating for a client today. Thanks to updates in Google's algorithms we're adding an extra header Vary to all of our sites that run multiple themes based on user agent detection. It my case, it is the theme switching, but if you vary even for little things, it's not a bad idea to declare that variance. You not even be varying by User-Agent. But, if you hit the Drupal 7 caching layer, you're going to have a bad time.


Drupal Migration from Location to Address Field Mapping

With Location module quickly becoming obsolete, replaced by the dedicated separate modules: addressfield, geofield, and geocoder, it's handy to have a copy paste mapping to translate the data. Here's a field map from location to addressfield format for you.


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