Jquery Table Auto Row

Another one mostly for myself, part of a larger picture I'm putting together. This small little javascript object will make it so any table you add a class of "auto-row" will have fun new behaviors. When any select, input, or textarea element in the last row changes, the row is duplicated and added right below. All digits in patterns "like" [##]" are automatically incremented for you before they are attached to the DOM. The row you were editing looses it's special behavior, and the newly inserted row is prepared to do the same.

Tracking External Links

Google Analytics doesn't track external page links by default, you have to setup a small bit of javascript to delay the website exit, and trigger a virtual page hit. The code for doing that involves a small bit of jquery, and the newer version of the google tracking code.

Jquery UI Tabs - Extending Tab Behavior To Anchor Links

I was recently working with Jquery UI's tabs on a site. It does a fantastic job of making web standard reasonable markup into tabs. The whole thing is a simple enough overlay that any end user could make the needed tab structure themselves (with just a bit of copy paste). But, it turns out, Jquery UI Tabs do slightly less than I thought they did. It turns out the standard tabs call limits its behavior changes to only the div called in question.


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