A generic, lazy loading, self dependency resolving geolocation javascript service object

I've been working on upgrading a client's form autofill options. Right now, they have server side ip sniffing, and forms I'm unable to cache because of the defaulted information. So, blank forms with client side geolocation through the the javascript navigator object is required. I've done this kind of thing before, but it's always been on the page, assuming everything would work. This time around, I'm doing things a little differently, anticipating using this over and over for their many forms. So this time, I'm playing by a few new rules...

Drupal Migration from Location to Address Field Mapping

With Location module quickly becoming obsolete, replaced by the dedicated separate modules: addressfield, geofield, and geocoder, it's handy to have a copy paste mapping to translate the data. Here's a field map from location to addressfield format for you.

Find Nearby Nodes

I frequently need to find nodes near a location. The needs vary, but the actual search logic rarely changes. I use this function, along with the installed Location module to find nodes near a coordinate set. Note that this is Drupal 6 code. You'll need to adjust the variable handling for D7.

Client Side Geolocation

I put up a post a couple weeks ago that I would post a javascript solution to device geolocation, opposed to server side device estimation. Well, here's the promised part two. Device geolocation using the W3C javascript navigator object.


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