Bulk Redirect Magento Urls

A client needed to enter a bunch of urls to redirect today on a site. This can be easily done one at a time through the Magento admin at Admin > Catalog > Url Rewrites. That's a bit of a slow process. So to that end, we've got a DB direct method to compliment:

Setting Product Attributes From Text Descriptions in Magento

A client of mine recently started wanting to improve her shopping experience with Magento. Her site was initially imported 100% description based, with attributes barely used at all. After walking her through layered navigation's filters, she immediately understood the value. It can help with SEO as well, as you can noindex the extra urls produced by filters more easily than discounting loads of categories. She's off happily categorizing her product data into attributes and options below them. It'll be my job to search the text of all her products and set the product's attributes based on them. Here's the start of that work.


Exporting Magento Product Prices with Configurable Product Super Options

A client today needed to export their pricing for products. This is normally not hard, the admin provides a simple system to do it. But, my client was using related products with pricing modifications involving super attributes and options. Think "Shirt X costs $4.99. Large is another $2 and XL is $3 more". That doesn't export well, and the table storage for the values is a huge mystery at first. Here's the finished solution to get those prices.


Change Magento Base Url

In a some infuriating day, I have discovered there is one more step to changing a Magneto base url than most people list. It's a rare problem, and not one I expect most people will find.

The standard steps for changing magento's base url are:



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