Collapsible Form Item Descriptions

emfluence™ needed to start including fairly lengthy descriptions on some of their fields today, without taking all the screen real estate or bothering the users that already knew the system. The answer everyone agreed would be best would be to allow the form items to have collapsible descriptions. I traced out a way to do this by overriding the form_item theme provided by the basic from Drupal. This could be done through your template file, or a module by overriding the theme function (I explained this in another fragment a couple weeks ago) in case you're running multiple themes.

Drupal block.tpl.php Advanced

Depending on how advanced your client wants the blocks on their site themed, the standard drupal block.tpl.php won't cut it. That's the end result for most of us of course. But in my case, I have somewhat given up on the base tpl ever working. Therefore I worked up a slightly more advanced version. It's designed to allow for highly styled borders: 4 corners, and expandable sides.

Override Drupal theme_function from another module

I wanted to change the related content output html rendered by CCK for my site today. I did a bit of googling, and all of the suggestions pointed to making new field or node specific tpl.php files. While that would work for this site, it's a terrible answer once you start considering using multiple templates. Having dealt with maintenance of what should be exactly the same file / function in different themes being out of sync, I went looking for a more permanent answer. While this might not be the Drupal specific answer, it's very efficient for what I need.

File Styling

I ran across a fantastic resource for file icons today, thought I'd share it for you all. Andreas Gohr has fine archive of 16x16 .png images to use with your file styling. He's got some nice generic types, as well a fairly extensive collection of specific formats.

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