Find custom attributes on magento orders

Need to find out what attributes changed from base in your magento install? The kind that aren't defined through the standard admin, meaning you've got a custom extension to deal with? Here's your search:


Vhosts authentication fragments

I know this is beyond simple, but sometimes it's nice to have a copy paste resource for setting up a vhost password protected site.

  1. AuthName "Restricted Area"
  2. AuthType Basic
  3. AuthUserFile /var/www/vhosts/{site}/security/.htpasswd
  4. AuthGroupFile /dev/null
  5. require valid-user

Client Side Geolocation

I put up a post a couple weeks ago that I would post a javascript solution to device geolocation, opposed to server side device estimation. Well, here's the promised part two. Device geolocation using the W3C javascript navigator object.


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