Setting CCK and Location Default Values

Had a bit of trouble setting default values for a location item today. It seems I was outsmarting myself, or maybe location was smarter than I gave it credit for. I couldn't seem to use form_alter() to set default values for the location field. The values would appear, but nothing would happen on node save. Strange...


InMotion Hosting Cron Ping

I had a bit of trouble today getting cron working for a client's website today. They are hosted at by InMotion Hosting. In theory, cron should be simple, but not there. There's a bit of trick you'll need. The official documentation on cron jobs for InMotion Hosting is at But, it's flat wrong. It's missing one very important piece of information...


Ajax Load A View

Had an interesting request today from multiple departments of the company. Here's short of them that's relevant.


Drupal WYSIWYG Ad Block Breaks WYSIWYG When Advanced Link Is Selected

I was setting up a new site today for a client. I got caught up on the WYSIWYG install though. I selected loads of buttons from the profile, include "Advanced Link." I swapped over to begin testing out a new feature I was going to put in, and noticed the editor failed to load entirely.



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