Ajax Load A View

Had an interesting request today from multiple departments of the company. Here's short of them that's relevant.


Drupal WYSIWYG Ad Block Breaks WYSIWYG When Advanced Link Is Selected

I was setting up a new site today for a client. I got caught up on the WYSIWYG install though. I selected loads of buttons from the profile, include "Advanced Link." I swapped over to begin testing out a new feature I was going to put in, and noticed the editor failed to load entirely.


Image Magick detection bug in Drupal 6

The main details of this error can be read in more detail in the original post I found this fix on. But I'll summarize here as well. While Drupal has access to execute Image Magick's convert function in an area outside php's open_basedir security restriction, it can not open it. The imageapi_imagemagick.module's functionality check doesn't test first for execution, it tries to open the file. Leading to a working Image Magick install to appear faulty. The fix was listed here: http://drupal.org/node/608270.


Limiting Textarea Length

I thought I'd share a sort of plug and play solution to text area length controls that I've been abusing. All credit here goes to Roy Jin, the original developer. I just thought I'd share what a good tool it was, and the $(document).ready() code you need to be up and running. You can pick up the jquery Textarea Counter on his site, as well as look up docs for tweaking things.


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