Text Filter Skeleton

Having to search over text can take a while, this might help speed your work up a bit. The idea is that you pass any text you like through it, and it picks up the "tags" reads the contained settings for you, and handles the replacements. This assumes you're working in PHP, but regexs and logic work everywhere of course. The syntax for these "tags" looks like [tag] or [tag|setting=value|setting2=value].


Adding CCK Fields Through Modules

Original Credit to Drewish from http://drewish.com/node/118, and of course the CCK team for such a fantastic tool. I'm just adding it here for reference, and expanding a bit with the uninstall knowledge.


Collapsible Form Item Descriptions

emfluence™ needed to start including fairly lengthy descriptions on some of their fields today, without taking all the screen real estate or bothering the users that already knew the system. The answer everyone agreed would be best would be to allow the form items to have collapsible descriptions. I traced out a way to do this by overriding the form_item theme provided by the basic form.inc from Drupal. This could be done through your template file, or a module by overriding the theme function (I explained this in another fragment a couple weeks ago) in case you're running multiple themes.

Cleaning Up Shorthand PHP Syntax

This one is more than a personal gripe, there's a valid server related issue when you write shorthand PHP code. If you are one of those people doing <? ?> stop now. You get into an issue of "is this php or xml" since you share the same opening tag. There's also a number servers out there that have the shorthand coding option turned off. Stop with the shorthand, all you do is create instability.



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