Embedding a view with arguments

Assuming you're after putting a block in, pretty much anywhere you want, you'll need control over which url token you may be using at any point. Here's the code to read a url token, and embed a view based off it.


Database updates for Drupal CCK Fields

I recently need to create a CCK version of a previously taxonomy driven process on a node type. While at this I discovered the various things that have to be changed to make it happen. A big piece of the puzzle was the caching process from drupal. Once created, a node is cached in the cache_content table in a serialized form. If you do any changes, you need to delete the cache so the next time it's loaded (for editing or viewing) drupal rebuilds the cache.


Paging at the database in MSSQL

Lacking limit and offset, modern MSSQL can still perform acceptable paging calls, it's just a bit more syntax to make it work. Here's a basic syntax run down you can start with:


Drupal block.tpl.php Advanced

Depending on how advanced your client wants the blocks on their site themed, the standard drupal block.tpl.php won't cut it. That's the end result for most of us of course. But in my case, I have somewhat given up on the base tpl ever working. Therefore I worked up a slightly more advanced version. It's designed to allow for highly styled borders: 4 corners, and expandable sides.


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