File Styling

I ran across a fantastic resource for file icons today, thought I'd share it for you all. Andreas Gohr has fine archive of 16x16 .png images to use with your file styling. He's got some nice generic types, as well a fairly extensive collection of specific formats.

Prefilling Adobe LiveCycle PDF Forms

So, the documentation is a bit lacking on coldfusion 8's docs about prefilling in LiveCycle forms. They suggest that you should "read in the structure of the document, then dump it back out to identify what fields are available." However, it doesn't quite work like that.

Adobe LiveCycle can put multiple forms in a pdf, sure. And that's well documented.
What's missing is that each form will have multiple pages under it.


World of Warcraft Dungeon Finder Role Icons

I've been trying to find some role icons lately for a small addition to Highly Unorthodox's class name plates. Their database already held info on people's roles (Tank, Healer, Damage). But until recently there was no standard image. With the recent introduction of the dungeon finder in patch 3.3, blizzard created finally created a standard set of role icons.


Floats and an Alternative to "Clear blocks"

I still see some some sites when doing new sites being developed using a "Clear Block." It's slightly irksome as there is a better way. It takes less markup in the actual documents to do it. The basic problem that both solve is basically this: You've got content floated, and want to make certain that a certain other part comes out below out. Think of a set of columns, followed by a footer. It might look like this:



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