Div columns and 100% width

If you happen to be asked to make some columns that share the entire width of the given area, the solution seems fairly simple. All you have to do is make a containing div, and the required number of floating divs inside it. At that point you can style the containing div for backgrounds, or maybe force the columns all to the same size. Great solution, expect for "less than one problem."

Here's a couple fairly standard column layouts:


Floated content and table width:100%

Floating content can be troublesome some things just don't obey the float like they "should". For instance, if you have a table set to width:100%, you'd imagine it shouldn't be forced below a right floated block, the same happens other with other sometimes elements as well. Here's an example in case my writing doesn't inspire the right visual:


World Of Warcraft Armory 3d Embeding

Update: wowarmory.com died, and has been replaced with: http://blizzard.github.com/api-wow-docs/

The new armory api allows you to easily access details of a player, but it's more on you what to do with it. The documentation itself is still slightly lacking, but the api seems strong.

To start, consider the following to get you tinkering:


Coldfusion Redirect & Location with Session data

Let's say you have a form that handles products.
If someone shows up to the form without an ?id=##, you're sure they must mean to create one. If there is an id, they mean to update. In the end though, all the user cares about is the "Save" button. "Create" and "Update" are your job to worry about. So you've created a wonderful cfc that does the work on the form, sets a message about the result in the session, and want to display it.



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