Flash Video Won't Play!

Working on a client's website today. I got a report back that the flash video being run using Flowplayer wouldn't play. They gave me varied reports, including:

  • "The video is squished vertically."
  • "The video just spins, but never plays."

Jquery UI Tabs - Extending Tab Behavior To Anchor Links

I was recently working with Jquery UI's tabs on a site. It does a fantastic job of making web standard reasonable markup into tabs. The whole thing is a simple enough overlay that any end user could make the needed tab structure themselves (with just a bit of copy paste). But, it turns out, Jquery UI Tabs do slightly less than I thought they did. It turns out the standard tabs call limits its behavior changes to only the div called in question.

Submit Again

Add a second button to the form, make sure there is an additional submit function included:



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