An example converting angular 1.5 to use RxJS

I've been doing some work recently upgrading massive portions of an angular 1.3 code base in preparation to move to angular 2 (someday). From a high level stand point, here's the what can be done ahead of time to help make it easier when you do go:

Passing Extra Data To JQuery Ajax Callback Functions

While working with a form that needed ajax handling I ran into an issue. The system I was developing was extremely likely to cause multiple of the same form on the page, one per element. Trying to find and adjust the form post ajax was starting to involve the addition of ids, moving down the dom to move back up, etc. Just nasty, and totally inefficient. So I did a bit of digging to find a way to pass the initial jQuery $form element from the ajax kickoff into the resulting callbacks.


Using HTML 5 Inputs in Drupal 7 Through Theming

I'm putting together a feedback form for a client today in Drupal. I've been experimenting with ways to improve the form's efficiency, just general UX. One of the sticking points for me was the complete lack of simple support for HTML 5 input types in Drupal 7. Thankfully this is fixed in Drupal 8. But for those of us needing to work today, here's an easy solution.


HTML Download Attribute - SSL Gotcha

I ran across a nifty QA issue today. It's certainly a fringe case, but I found no documentation about it anywhere.



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