Parsing the LEIE Database (DBF file)

Had a client today that needed to parse the USA LEIE Database (List of Excluded Individuals and Entities). This is the database the government uses to excluded vendors from taking part in any federally funded healthcare program. You can download a copy of your own here: Surprise, the file is in .DBF format! Here's how you ignore that issue.


Bulk Uploading Redirects In Drupal 7

Had a client today with a list of 135ish redirects that needed entered, and a decent enough budget for me to do more than shove them in. I put together an admin page that allows you to upload a csv to be processed containing an internal source, destination, and redirect type (status code).


Loading Drupal Core Include Files (The Right Way)

Maybe it's because I've done more with Drupal that's off the map.. Or maybe I just dug further than others, but I've noticed way too many developers giving poor advice when it comes to loading the core include files. Allow me to correct that issue for you, and more importantly explain why you need to do it the right way.


Creating "Next" and "Previous" Links on Node Views To Related Content Based on A View

The client wanted a node type that is listed by a view, taking you a detailed view of the node. That node includes links to the ‘previous’ and ‘next’. Those are quoted because it’s not absolute ordering. The view itself defines 3 exposed filters that must be carried into the chain of next and previous.



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