Affecting The Vary Header in Drupal 7 Cached Pages

I came up against a situation I imagine is not very unique, but is very frustrating for a client today. Thanks to updates in Google's algorithms we're adding an extra header Vary to all of our sites that run multiple themes based on user agent detection. It my case, it is the theme switching, but if you vary even for little things, it's not a bad idea to declare that variance. You not even be varying by User-Agent. But, if you hit the Drupal 7 caching layer, you're going to have a bad time.


A generic, lazy loading, self dependency resolving geolocation javascript service object

I've been working on upgrading a client's form autofill options. Right now, they have server side ip sniffing, and forms I'm unable to cache because of the defaulted information. So, blank forms with client side geolocation through the the javascript navigator object is required. I've done this kind of thing before, but it's always been on the page, assuming everything would work. This time around, I'm doing things a little differently, anticipating using this over and over for their many forms. So this time, I'm playing by a few new rules...

HTML Drag and Drop File Upload With PHP Backend

This one fought me, for hours yesterday. A client wanted drag and drop implemented for file on their server using the entire page as the drag and drop area. I'm leaving the resulting javascript and php here for those that might need it.

Exporting Magento Product Prices with Configurable Product Super Options

A client today needed to export their pricing for products. This is normally not hard, the admin provides a simple system to do it. But, my client was using related products with pricing modifications involving super attributes and options. Think "Shirt X costs $4.99. Large is another $2 and XL is $3 more". That doesn't export well, and the table storage for the values is a huge mystery at first. Here's the finished solution to get those prices.



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