JavaScript class static constants extension on instances

Ran into an interesting question from a coworker. We were working through surprising (to me) PHP behavior on the usage of self:: vs static::. It's a question of late binding and the accessor. For a PHP reference to get a class's extended constant value from the subclass, you had to use static::.


Using private Azure DevOps git repositories with composer during Build and Release

Azure DevOps has been great to me. I'm hugely thankful for the toolkit it's provided, but it falls down a little when it comes to PHP.
Today our systems guy Eric and I figured out how to provide the authentication required by the composer install steps to pull private git repositories out of our Azure Repos.

Start first by declaring your composer.json repository and dependencies as normal:

Setting up per site read-only deploy keys using github

I'm going to forget this again if I don't write it down this time. Here's the scenario I was trying to overcome:

Single server, multiple sites backed by independent repos using ssh.
Each site should have it's own private ssh key added to the remote repository as a deploy keys. These deploy keys can not be the user's private key to get on the server.


Redux sagas for Google YOLO

I've been working for a bit lately to get into React. Initially, I had built the stack: webpack, React, Redux, etc, all by hand. At some point I got over confident, and thought I was ready to go into the deep end. At that point, I swapped over into react boilerplate to 'really' develop something. Huge points won me over, hot reloading, 'some' guidance on the way it should be configured, and community to draw from.


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