Fragmented Thought


Content will be sorely lacking

Using your Material (MUI) themes in Storybook


Learn how to cut your load, and maintain all your themes, without plugins.

Exposing custom controls using Storybook 7's new Meta type


Learn how to augment your component's story with specialized controls

How to get IOS 8601 standard time strings out of Postgres using the pg package


A simple solution to a problem that shouldn't have existed.

Migrating Create React App to Vite


The surprisingly painless transition for a better Developer Experience.

Creating Azure DevOps repository subscription pipelines


Revisiting a pub/sub model for deploying to clients using Azure DevOps and git.

DynamoDB generic Typescript CRUD functions


For when you get tired of writing expressions and just want a consistent .put() that works.

Using CDK to deploy a Typescript GraphQL APIs


How to run a LocalStack for your own machine and integrate with deployed resources in AWS.

Using environment specific values in Azure DevOps Helm task


How to flexibly leverage a simple pipeline template file in your own release pipelines.

Kubernetes - Required ports for CertManager and Nginx Ingress controller


Running a secure Kubernetes cluster means knowing what to lock down, here's the details for CertManger.

Azure DevOps - My work items


An improved cross project dashboard for understanding your assigned work with context.

Creating dynamic AMCharts 5 themes from Material UI themes


Provides a guide to using your own themes semantic colors with AMChart's interface properties.

GraphQL file upload mutations


A guide to packages, setup, resolvers, utilities, and integration testing of file uploads.