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Find custom attributes on magento orders



Lance Gliser

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Need to find out what attributes changed from base in your magento install? The kind that aren't defined through the standard admin, meaning you've got a custom extension to deal with? Here's your search:

SELECT a.attribute_id, a.attribute_code, et.entity_type_id, et.entity_model, et.attribute_model, et.entity_table FROM eav_attribute a JOIN eav_entity_type et ON et.entity_type_id = a.entity_type_id WHERE a.is_user_defined = 1 AND et.entity_type_id IN ( SELECT entity_type_id FROM eav_entity_type WHERE entity_type_code IN ( 'order', 'order_address', 'order_item', 'order_payment', -- Orders 'quote', 'quote_address', 'quote_address_rate', 'quote_address_item', 'quote_item', 'quote_payment', -- Quotes 'invoice', 'invoice_item', 'invoice_shipment', 'invoice_comment', -- Invoices 'shipment', 'shipment_item', 'shipment_comment', 'shipment_track', -- Shipments 'creditmemo', 'creditmemo_item', 'creditmemo_comment' -- Credit memos ) ) ORDER BY et.entity_model, a.attribute_code